Are you struggling to make peace with food and reclaim your life from chronic dieting?

Maybe you already believe in the values of body acceptance, and you KNOW you have the capacity to give up dieting, but you’re feeling stuck. You want your relationship with food to be joyful, easy, and just not that big a deal—because you have so many more important things to do with your life—but you're not sure how to get there. 

Or maybe you're a fellow health and wellness professional who wants to help your clients pursue true well-being—not keep cycling through diets, disordered eating, and body shame. You were trained in the traditional diet-culture paradigm (because let's face it, we ALL were), but now you've committed to taking a non-diet approach instead. You just need some help getting rooted in this paradigm and mastering your message.   

Whether you're struggling with disordered eating yourself or trying to help others recover (or both), my online courses are designed to help create a world where ALL people are free to live at peace with food and their bodies. 

Intuitive Eating Fundamentals

This comprehensive course is designed to help you create freedom, trust, and connection in your relationship with food. You'll learn how to recognize and reject the diet mentality, even in its subtlest forms; tune into your hunger and fullness; stop the cycle of restriction and overeating; truly take PLEASURE in food; accept the size and shape of your body; and so much more. This course is perfect for anyone who wants to truly embrace the principles of intuitive eating—including fellow health and wellness professionals. 

A Taste of Intuitive Eating

Want to start making peace with food and learning to trust your body? This 5-day mini course will help you take the first steps on that transformative journey. The course offers daily practices, guidance, and inspiration to help you learn how to recognize and fight back against the diet mentality, start untangling your self-worth from weight and food, and lots more. This mini course is a great precursor to Intuitive Eating Fundamentals, and mini course participants get the option to continue on at a special discount. 

Master Your Anti-Diet Message

This workshop-style course is for fellow health and wellness pros who know that diet culture has controlled the conversation about health and wellness for way too long, and it’s time for a change. If you're ready to stop taking part in diet culture’s version of "health," start advocating for non-diet approaches that truly help your clients' well-being, build a thriving brand that magnetizes clients who are ready for change, and help them break free from dieting and disordered eating for good, this course is for you.