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Food Psych #57: Overcoming Weight Stigma & Rejecting Diet Culture with Ama Scriver & Kirthan Aujlay

Ama Scriver and Kirthan Aujlay - Fat Girl Food Squad

Writers Ama Scriver and Kirthan Aujlay discuss the intersections of food, fat, and feminism, why it's important to be part of a body-positive community, how to handle online trolls, and lots more!

Amanda (Ama) Scriver is a passionate storyteller, community builder, and activist based in Toronto. She is a full-time writer for several publications and used to run and manage the blog Fat Girl Food Squad. She has deep feelings for coffee, trashy reality television, and the art of drag. Find her online at

Kirthan Aujlay is a freelance writer and the founder of Fat Death Femme, a lifestyle website that focuses on women’s issues, body positivity, death acceptance, and pop culture. Follow Fat Death Femme on Twitter at @fatdeathfemmeco and on Instagram @fatdeathfemme.

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