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Food Psych #59: Why Weight Loss Won't Make You Happy with Simi Botic, Intuitive Eating Coach

Simi Botic - Health Coach - Intuitive Eating - Body Positive

Christy talks with Simi Botic, a corporate attorney turned body-positive health coach, who shares the fascinating story about her journey from body negativity to disordered eating and finally to recovery—and the massive career change that followed. We discuss the myths equating weight loss with happiness, the perils of external validation, and lots more.

Simi is obsessed with coffee, beach vacations, & the 90s. A corporate attorney turned intuitive eating health coach, she now works with women privately & through Finally Free. Simi helps women learn to nourish & nurture their bodies + lives, so they can live FULLY! Get instant access to her free three-part Breaking Up With Binges video series here & hang with her at or @simibotic for more.

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