Consulting & Career Coaching

I'm pleased to offer coaching and consulting services for colleagues in the health, wellness, and media fields.

With more than 14 years of experience in both journalism and dietetics, I can help you develop a message that resonates and a strong online presence for your private practice, coaching business, podcast, blog, or other project.

Here's more about how I can help you:



In individualized coaching/consulting sessions, I invite you to share your career history and explore where you want to go. We then collaborate to identify what will work best to get you there, and the key next steps you'll want to take. I help you prioritize those steps so that you have an actionable list of things to start working on right away, and share resources and guidance to help meet your needs.  

The 45-minute Q&A session is the quick version of all of that; this is great for folks who already have a fairly clear idea of where they want to go next in their careers, and have specific questions they'd like me to answer. 

The 90-minute strategy session is the more in-depth version; this is perfect for people who want to talk things out and share their history more deeply, get some guidance and support around career issues, and discuss various options before moving on to my recommendations and action steps. This is also a good option if you'd like to have me review your website, articles, or other materials in detail and make editing recommendations.


Body-Positive Business Audit

Are you a fellow health and wellness professional who wants to integrate the principles of body acceptance, intuitive eating, and Health at Every Size into your business, but you're not sure where to start? Have you dipped a toe into the world of body acceptance but want to become more deeply rooted in it? I'll help you get there.

In the Body-Positive Business Audit, I'll review your website, social media accounts, and client materials and handouts. I'll then send you a detailed email with recommendations to help you become more fully aligned with the size-acceptance movement, including specific edits to help you refine your messaging and bring it into line with ethical best practices. You'll have 7 days to ask any follow-up questions and clarifications. 

When you book an audit, you'll block off 3 hours on my calendar* for me to review your materials and send you my recommendations. For that reason, audits may need to be booked several weeks in advance. (*You don't need to be available yourself during that time.)


Please make all appointments using the online booking system below (be sure to select your time zone). A credit card will be required to hold your appointment, and payments are due at or before the time of service. I have a 24-hour cancellation policy for all services. Thanks so much and looking forward to working with you!