New Intuitive Eating Online Course

Intuitive Eating Online Course - How to Eat Normally - Emotional Eating Support

I'm so excited to share that I'm launching an intuitive eating course on May 25! I created it based on my experience helping hundreds of nutrition therapy clients and thousands of podcast listeners develop healthier relationships with food.

The course is called Intuitive Eating Fundamentals, and it teaches the same scientifically validated principles of intuitive eating and Health at Every Size that I use in my one-on-one nutrition counseling—all in a self-paced, 13-week online format that you can access from anywhere in the world!

The course teaches you how to give up dieting, recognize and honor your hunger and fullness, trust yourself with all foods (even the ones that seem "off-limits"), choose nourishing foods without willpower or restriction, and so much more!

Learn more and sign up right here