Food Psych's 3-Year Anniversary

Today marks three years that I've been producing Food Psych, and what a cool three years it's been. On 3/13/13, I finalized the concept for the podcast, set up my first interviews with guests, and developed the pre-interview questions that I still use today. Other than those questions, though, a lot has shifted since the beginning.

You can check out our early episodes in the Food Psych archives, available for download  here .

You can check out our early episodes in the Food Psych archives, available for download here.

When I started out, I was talking to people about their relationships to food in general, and didn't have the tight focus on disordered eating and body image that I do today. Episode 13 is what began to change that—and changed the trajectory of my career. (Side note: a little freaky that the number 13 keeps coming up, no?)

That was the episode where I publicly revealed for the first time that I'd had an eating disorder in my early 20s, and it got me thinking a lot about how that experience had shaped my career path. Soon after recording that episode, I decided I wanted to explore specializing in nutrition therapy for eating disorders, and I signed up to train at Balance Eating Disorder Treatment Center.

This week, in honor of Food Psych's anniversary and how the podcast changed my life, I've posted an episode with the wonderful founder and CEO of Balance, Melainie Rogers. We discuss her interesting history with food, how she developed and recovered from an eating disorder after college, what led her to get a degree in nutrition, the similarities in our winding paths to recovery, what it's like to be a recovered clinician in this field, and lots more!

Check it out here, and let me know what you think!