Online Course Reviews

Interested in my intuitive eating online course? Check out what a few participants have to say about it (some names and profile photos redacted for privacy):


I wanted to let you know how much I am getting out of this course - it has really helped me bridge the gap between trying to practice Intuitive Eating on my own and truly implementing the principles and finally releasing diet mentality for good. Thank you for making the IE concepts so accessible, relatable, and easy to put into action.
— Britt Felix Lopez

I am really grateful for all that I have learned in the past month or so that I have been working the Intuitive Eating Fundamentals.

I have read the book and have done other courses but your course Christy has really helped! I have been holding on to some of those thoughts and going through the exercises really made me look at it all from a different perspective. I’m now even seeing all the sneaky ways diet culture was around me and have been cutting it all out. It has been so liberating! I was hesitant to purchase thinking it was like other courses, but it’s way better and worth the money. Your hard work on it shows. Thanks for all you do. Grateful for you and this community!
— Kelly

just wanted to let new people know that this course is so worth the time and money.

I have been on an ‘unofficial’ diet for over 14 years and my goal was always to make peace with food and my body before I turn 30 because I don’t want to have my children going through the same as me. With this course I finally feel this is possible. It gives me hope, it challenges my thoughts, it provides me help when I need it and there are lot of journal exercises that I truly enjoy. I’m thankful for being exposed to another, a kind of anti-diet world and I definitely see meal plans and weight loss apps through different eyes today. I can’t say how grateful I am that I found this course, Christy and all the members who support me daily through our facebook group!
— Julie Dominica Popp

"Just in the last 2 days or so with this course, I have found that concepts especially surrounding making choices from a place of self-care are really starting to click. I'm over the moon thrilled!"

I like that the course has a relaxed and calming effect on me. It soothes me when I feel anxious or disappointed in myself. It is helping me focus on feeling good from the inside out, instead of trying to change the outside in order to feel good on the inside.
— Jenny Fitzpatrick

IEF Testimonial 11.16.18 Redacted.jpg

This course has been an amazing journey for me. I appreciate all the time and effort you put into it.
— Meghan Drury

I feel so supported, seen, and heard.

It has already created more space for me to show up for myself.

The course is fantastic. I can tell that a lot of work went into aligning the modules with relevant and inspiring content, and it’s been a huge help to me. I also like that I feel like I’m really getting what I was hoping for - it’s exactly as advertised on Food Psych, and I feel as if I’m getting my money’s worth (which I only mention because there are other programs like this that are FAR more expensive, and I’m so grateful I have access to this content). I adore the Facebook group as well - how lovely, helpful, and kind each and every member is astounds me.
— Ali

"This course was the best decision ever :)"

You are just an Effing legend. Since starting this course I am now making steps to starting a business, and that could not have happened without the freeing up of headspace that your content has created.
— Emily