Food Psych #51: How to Stop Dieting & Gain Body Acceptance with Anti-Diet Project Founder Kelsey Miller

Kelsey Miller Big Girl Anti Diet

Writer Kelsey Miller discusses what made her finally give up her decades-long fight against her body, how she discovered intuitive eating, what it was like to write a book about that process, and lots more! 

Kelsey Miller is the author of BIG GIRL: How I Gave Up Dieting & Got A Life, and the Senior Features Writer at Refinery29, the leading digital lifestyle brand for women. She began her career in the film production industry before transitioning to full-time writing, joining Refinery29 in 2012. Soon after, she created The Anti-Diet Project, one of the website's most popular franchises. Kelsey specializes in first-person essays, cultural commentary, humor writing, fitness, food, body image, advice, and feminist issues.

In the last three years, she was named one of The Huffington Post’s Body Image Heroes and took top honors at both the Fashion Monitor Journalism Awards and the Digiday Publishing Awards. Her work has been featured in Time, xoJane, Women's Health, and more. She has been featured on Good Morning America, HuffPost Live, and MSNBC.  

Kelsey graduated from Boston University with a BS in Film & Television and lives in Brooklyn, NY. Find her online at, and buy her book on Amazon

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