Thanks for your interest in connecting with me! I get a high volume of emails and am unable to respond to all of them, as much as I’d love to, so I’ve provided answers to my most frequently asked questions here. I hope this helps you out with any requests you may have.

You’re interested in being a guest on the podcast:

Thanks so much for your interest! Unfortunately my lineup for upcoming guests is very full, so I’m unable to consider any submissions at this time.

I also never book guests whose work involves weight loss (including intuitive eating or self-actualization for weight loss), dieting, food restriction, “clean eating,” “lifestyle changes,” aesthetic fitness goals, supplements, or multilevel marketing.

If your work looks like a fit with my anti-diet, pro-Health at Every Size® mission, I’ll keep you in mind should we have any openings in the future!


You’d like my advice about healing your relationship with food, dealing with medical issues, etc.: 

I would love to help, but I can’t offer individual advice unless you’re one of my clients. To learn more about my private coaching programs and apply to become a client, please check out my coaching page. 

I also answer in-depth questions and provide support in a private forum and exclusive Q&A podcast for participants of my Intuitive Eating Fundamentals course, so that’s a great place to connect with me.

If you have a relatively quick and specific question, you can ask it here for a chance to have it answered on an upcoming episode of Food Psych!


You’d like to write a guest post for my blog:

Thanks for your interest, but unfortunately I don’t accept guest posts.


You’d like to know where you can pre-order my book:

You can pre-order Anti-Diet right here! Thanks so much for your interest :)


You’re wondering whether there’s an audio version of my book:

The audiobook is in the works, and I’ll be reading it! You can join my email list to get more info about the audiobook as soon as it’s available.


You love the podcast and want to share your feedback:

Thank you so much! I so appreciate every single one of my listeners—you are truly what makes this work worthwhile. I can’t respond to every email, but just know that any feedback you include will be taken into consideration. I have more availability to interact with listeners through my Intuitive Eating Fundamentals course, where you can also connect with others on the anti-diet journey who can support you and offer advice and encouragement.


You have a question about my Intuitive Eating Fundamentals course:

Check out the course FAQ! If your question isn’t covered there, my team will get back to you ASAP.


You’re looking for career guidance that you think I can help with:

I’d love to help, and I’m honored that you’re looking to me for guidance! I offer career coaching and consulting for folks who want to “pick my brain” and get advice on building an anti-diet business or practice, so please fill out an application if you’re interested.

You can also check out my Health at Every Size for Health & Wellness Professionals blog post, which has lots of additional resources including webinars, conferences, certifications, etc.


You’d like my advice on how to start a podcast of your own:

Check out the Let A Podcast Out course, created by my friend Katie Dalebout of the Let It Out podcast. I’m a guest lecturer in that course and give all of my best podcasting advice there—plus you’ll hear from Katie and more than a dozen other top podcasters on how to take your podcast from idea to launch and beyond. Get $25 off with code FOODPSYCH!  


You’re new to the concepts of intuitive eating and Health at Every Size and are looking to learn more about the science and practice of this approach:

Kudos to you for making the jump out of diet culture and into intuitive eating! For laypeople and professionals alike, the books Intuitive Eating and Body Respect are great places to start, as is this episode of Food Psych.

If you’re a fellow health professional looking to understand the science behind this approach and/or to add intuitive eating and HAES into your practice, check out my Health at Every Size for Health & Wellness Professionals blog post, which has a ton of resources including links to scientific research, webinars, conferences, certifications, etc.

If you’re interested in diving further into these concepts, check out my online Intuitive Eating Fundamentals course, which is designed for the general public and health professionals alike.


You have a really cool project that you want my input on, or that you’d like me to promote on my social media platforms:

I’m so psyched for you—the more people spreading the anti-diet message, the better! I would love to promote every fully HAES-aligned project that comes across my desk, but due to limited time and capacity I have to reserve my input and shout-outs for personal friends and trusted colleagues. That said, please keep on doing what you’re doing, and know that your work is needed in the world!  


If your question/comment falls under one of these categories, please consider this your official response! If it doesn’t, my team and I will do our best to get back to you soon. Thanks so much!