Why We Need to Stop Trying to Control Our Bodies

Intuitive eating and Health At Every Size are all about letting go of the effort to control our bodies.

Instead, we allow ourselves to trust how much food they ask for, allow ourselves to move when it feels good in ways we enjoy, and allow our weight to settle at whatever it is when we're practicing intuitive eating and movement.

Our bodies are so, so smart, and they know how to bounce back from the difficulties we put them through...but we have to allow them that freedom.

We have to listen and let go, allow our bodies to heal themselves, and ask for the help and support we need to get there.

We have to approach our choices from a place of self-care, not from a place of self-control. It's so hard to make the leap, but once you do you'll truly fly.

If you want to hear more about letting go of control and letting the body heal itself, check out this recent episode of Food Psych with therapist and yoga instructor Lauren Minear. And be sure to subscribe so that you never miss an episode.

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