Why We Need Both Compassion and Anger

Compassion and anger seem like polar opposites, but they're actually a lot more aligned than you might think. 

When you have deep compassion for others, you're probably filled with justifiable rage when you see them being oppressed.  

And when you practice self-compassion, you're likely to get angry at people or systems—like, for example, diet culture—that treat you badly. You don't turn that anger inward, because you know that's not where it belongs.

BOTH compassion and anger are necessary in the fight against diet culture, and against oppression of all kinds. 

But how do you navigate these sometimes-conflicting emotions in a productive way? That's what this week's episode of Food Psych is all about. 

My guest, clinical psychologist and anti-diet activist Louise Adams, shares how she healed from disordered eating and body shame, why she recommends getting enraged at diet culture, how you can practice self-compassion and use it to heal from issues with food and your body, and lots more. 

Tune in right here to check it out, and come share your thoughts in the Food Psych Facebook group

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