The Washington Post on Why Emotional Eating Isn't the Real Problem

Many people self-identify as emotional eaters, when really the root of the problem isn't emotional at all. 

The problem is dieting, and the feelings of deprivation that it creates.

Dieters are more likely to report turning to food for comfort, whereas non-dieters are more likely to turn away from food in times of stress.

And when people are deprived of food—whether physically, psychologically, or both—they're more likely to blame emotions for their eating.    

To learn why, check out this great Washington Post article about why we're putting too much blame on emotional eating. I'm thrilled to be quoted as the expert in the piece, and I hope it'll help you feel more compassionate toward yourself for eating in ways you've deemed emotional. 

If you're ready to take a deeper dive into the non-diet approach and learn to truly trust yourself with food, check out my Intuitive Eating Fundamentals online course

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