False Pictures of Health

Here’s something the “wellness” world never tells you: Many people who look like the supposed “picture of health” are actually struggling with seriously disordered eating and exercise behaviors.

The “wellness gurus” you see on social media sharing photos of their green juices and workout routines and visible abs are often incredibly sick and suffering under their restrictive regimes—even if they don’t talk about that part publicly.

And then diet culture, in its new modern manifestation as The Wellness Diet, makes these struggling people out to be icons of what we “should” all aspire to look like and be like, locking them and us into a losing battle against our bodies.

It’s time we all stopped believing in this bogus version of “wellness.” 

It’s time we started questioning and pushing back against everything diet culture has taught us about food and movement, including the idea that well-being has a certain “look.”

Because when people are running themselves into the ground in order to achieve some mythical ideal of health, that’s anything but “healthy.”

My guest on this week’s episode of Food Psych, Tiffany Roe, used to be one of those people.

She shares how, in the throes of an eating disorder that was consuming her life, she got treated like a health and wellness expert and had friends emulating her every (disordered) move.

She also shares how she ultimately recovered, and we discuss the connections between religion, shame, diet culture, and eating-disorder recovery; why we need to fight fatphobia in the eating-disorder-treatment field; the importance of learning to sit with feelings of distress and discomfort; and so much more.

Plus, I answer a listener question about how navigating emotional eating fits into the intuitive eating process.

Check it out right here, and be sure to subscribe so that you never miss an episode!

Here’s to smashing diet culture’s supposed picture of health

P.S. If you’re ready to break free from disordered ideas about “wellness,” come join my intuitive eating online course. It’ll help you tune out all the toxic noise from diet culture, so that you can tune back into your body’s needs—and your soul’s true desires.

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