For each statement below, choose the response that best describes your typical behavior.

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I tell myself that I "should" or "shouldn't" eat certain foods.
I feel like a failure when I don't eat the way I think I should.
I base my eating decisions on my weight; if I've gained weight, I eat less or follow a diet more strictly.
If I eat certain foods, or eat more than I think I should, I feel the need to "work it off" through exercise.
I try to practice "clean eating."
I fight against my desires for certain foods, and I use willpower to stop myself from eating them.
I try not to eat past a certain time at night, even if I'm hungry later.
I use food to help me cope with negative feelings (e.g. sadness, anxiety, anger).
I often keep eating past the point of fullness, even when I want to stop.
When I get hungry, I try to delay eating for a while.

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