This is a great podcast

"This is a great podcast that has really helped me as I began to acknowledge my disordered eating and was looking to find motivation towards recovering and finding a healthy relationship with food again. Having struggled with exercise and food, it is inspiring to hear the stories of people who have used their intuitive eating to find a positive relationship with food and live a great life!"

Best body positive podcast!

"Best Body Positive Podcast!! Please listen to this podcast if you are struggling or have ever struggled with weight, body image, or food at any point in your life. Finding Christy's podcast was a turning point in my recovery from disordered eating habits. Listening to her speak with guests about health at every size and body positivity has shifted my way of thinking about my body. You will not regret tuning in every week!"


"I had spiraled into an ugly unhealthful calorie counting/binge cycle after having to weigh in at a corporate wellness event, I am so thankful I found this podcast. I had prior exposure to Intuitive eating but finding my weight higher than I thought it would be caused me to get a little crazy about food. Christy brought me back to reality, diets don’t work."

Transformational Podcast!

"Transformational Podcast! After 23 years of struggling with my own eating disorders, the Food Psych podcast and the resources I have discovered through this podcast has been the final "Aha!" piece for my own healing. I cannot thank you enough! And it now feels like my personal mission to spread the HAES and Intuitive Eating message. It finally makes sense for the first time in my life!"

Helps me stay sane

"Helps me stay sane in a world of diet marketing. Christy has a range of guests who share their stories of their relationship with food. She asks great questions, is articulate and keeps the guests from going on tangents. This is helpful for anyone tired of getting stuck in the latest diet craze and is looking for a voices that reinforce a balanced and sane relationship with eating."


"For those of us looking to improve our relationship with food and our bodies, or want more information on intuitive eating and the health at every size movement, this is our podcast! Christy is a fantastic and sensitive interviewer, and often has on some of the best thought leaders working in these areas. I learn so much from every episode and leave inspired by the stories shared. I am so grateful that she created this podcast."