You AREN’T What You Eat

You actually AREN’T what you eat. You are so much more. —Christy Harrison, Food Psych Podcast, episode #155

Diet culture, especially in its new guise as The Wellness Diet, tries to convince us that our very essence is tied up in what we put on our plates, but in fact nothing could be farther from the truth.

You aren’t defined by what you eat, and neither is your health. Your food choices are just one small part of what makes up your well-being, and of what defines you as a person.

You have so many gifts to offer the world that have nothing to do with food or your body. Choosing a donut over kale doesn’t change that.

And when it comes to your well-being, having a balanced and pleasurable relationship with food that allows you to choose the donut when you want it is actually more health-promoting than always choosing the kale or the “whole” foods out of fear.

You are so much greater than some BS performance of health or dietary “perfection.”

You aren’t what you eat—you are so much more.

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