How to Stop Being Perfectionistic about Food

"What got you here won't get you there."

It's the title of a famous business book, but it applies just as well to your relationship with food.

It means that to recover from dieting and disordered eating, you'll need to adopt a new set of strategies and drop the ones you've been using. 

Perfectionism, control, believing that thinness equals happiness—these are the domain of disordered eating. If you're struggling in your relationship with food, they're what got you here.

So to shift out of disordered eating and make peace with food, you'll need to find new ways of operating.  

That's what this week's episode of Food Psych is all about. My guest Heidi Schauster, a fellow Health at Every Size registered dietitian, shares how she learned to drop the perfectionistic attitudes about food and fitness that used to be her M.O., how she now approaches these areas of life as a recovered person, why weight does not equate to health, and so much more. 

Check it out here, and come share your thoughts with other listeners in the Food Psych Facebook group!

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