Anti-Diet Does Not Mean Anti-DietER

The anti-diet movement isn’t about shaming individuals for wanting to lose weight, or for wanting to eat “perfectly.”

Instead, it’s about dismantling the oppressive, fatphobic, food-phobic system (aka diet culture) that uses lies and manipulation and fear to make us want to lose weight and eat “perfectly” (as if there were such thing as perfection in eating).

This system is built on a foundation of racism and misogyny, and it compounds these oppressions even while denying that it has anything to do with them, pretending instead to be all about “health” and “wellness.”

So in working as an anti-diet dietitian and activist, I don’t begrudge anyone the desire to lose weight—that desire is SO understandable in this culture, especially for the highest-weight and most-marginalized folks.

Anti-diet doesn’t mean anti-dietER. It means anti–diet culture, and pro–intuitive eating, Health At Every Size®, and fat positivity.

If you’re dieting, I get it—AND, I’m hoping to show you that diet culture isn’t safe, sustainable, or nourishing for any of us.

I’m hoping to change the culture so that you don’t feel you have to diet ever again.

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