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If you're ready for a deeper dive into intuitive eating, join me in my Intuitive Eating Fundamentals course!  

I created this course to help you:

  • Give up dieting for good, so that you have your mind free to focus on the things that really matter in life
  • Take pleasure in food and stop fighting your desires, so that you can fully engage in all the moments of your life—from the mundane to the magical
  • Recognize, honor, and trust your body's signals of hunger and fullness, so that you feel nourished and cared for
  • Stop the restrict-binge cycle (or what I call The Restriction Pendulum) and find peace
  • Trust yourself with all foods—even those that were once "off-limits"—and stop feeling out of control 
  • Navigate emotional eating and learn new coping skills
  • Start to accept your body size and shape, and learn skills to fight internalized fatphobia and weight bias
  • Choose what to eat from a place of self-care and abundance, not self-control and deprivation
  • Start engaging in physical activity for the joy of movement, not as penance for your eating
  • ...and break free from diet culture, once and for all.

Continue on to learn…

  • How to trust and honor your hunger and fullness
  • How to make peace with all foods, even "off-limits" ones
  • How to take pleasure in food again
  • How to go even deeper in unearthing and rejecting the diet mentality
  • How to navigate emotional eating and cope with feelings without using food
  • How to accept your body
  • How to start exercising for the joy of movement, not as penance for your eating
  • ...and lots more! 

You’ll also get…

  • Access to our exclusive library of monthly Q&A podcasts (only for Intuitive Eating Fundamentals participants), with answers to *hundreds* of specific questions about intuitive eating  
  • The ability to ask me any question and hear the answer in the next monthly Q&A
  • Access to our exclusive private Facebook group, where you can get support from fellow participants around the world, as well as from me and my team of coaches! 
The gratitude that I feel for Christy, her team, and the Facebook group cannot even be put into words right now. I am at a place that I never imagined was actually possible for me. It is amazing, liberating, humbling, and exhilarating. This course saved me! It gave me such a deep understanding of intuitive eating as well as of myself. I gave up dieting! Thank you, thank you, thank you!
— Kristina, Intuitive Eating Fundamentals course participant

A special deal for you...

To thank you for being a member of the mini course and to help you get to the next level in your relationship with food, I'd like to give you $100 off the price of Intuitive Eating Fundamentals.

This exclusive deal is valid for 30 days from the time you started the mini course, so be sure to grab it while you have the chance!

The course isn't designed for people with active eating disorders or people in the early stages of recovery, but if you're in solid recovery and your treatment team agrees it's time to try intuitive eating, we'd love to have you.

This course IS designed for people who are experiencing disordered eating behaviors (such as yo-yo dieting, feeling out of control with food, and vacillating between restriction and overeating, without significant medical complications or high-risk behaviors) and are ready to BREAK FREE. 

Above all, this course is designed to help you get back in touch with your body and use it to guide your food choices, so that your mind is free for bigger and better things.

I love the course! Every week, I’m learning more about me. I feel comfortable when I look in the mirror. I’m not pining to be in a thinner body like I have for most of my life. I’m not scared of food anymore. You are helping me give myself compassion—it’s my go-to response instead of my afterthought. I’m so very grateful for your course, Christy!
— Cathy, Intuitive Eating Fundamentals course participant

Are you ready to to make peace with food and reclaim your life?