Master Your Anti-Diet Message

Welcome to Master Your Anti-Diet Message, my communication and marketing seminar for fellow health and wellness professionals. I’m so happy you’re here, and that you’re committed to learning about how to become more fully aligned with the anti-diet movement!

Below you'll find info about the live workshop, along with the workbook and cheat sheets we'll be using in the workshop, and links to further resources.


Live Workshop Info

We'll be holding the live webinar via Zoom on 6/28/18 from 2-3:15pm EST. When the time comes, click one of the links below to join via computer or phone!


Private Facebook Group

Come join us in the private Facebook group to ask your questions and connect with fellow participants! We'll be processing the applications and adding everyone a few days before the seminar, so keep an eye on your Facebook notifications then. 



Cheat Sheets

More Resources

  • Check out this list of resources I compiled to help fellow health & wellness pros learn more about Health at Every Size and the anti-diet approach (including resources for getting help with your own relationship with food).
  • Take a look at the National Eating Disorders Association's Guidelines for Sharing Your Story Responsibly for some additional pointers about sharing stories of eating disorder recovery.