Monthly Q&A #9, February 2017

Topics Discussed

  • The difference between eating disorders and disordered eating, with reference to the ADAA treatment finder

  • How to trust that your intuition will lead toward health, with reference to my Refinery29 article about processed food

  • How to handle it when you lose weight inadvertently

  • Ways to feel more satisfaction in eating

  • How to explain to a loved one why you don't like weight lifting and prefer yoga

  • How or whether to set goals in intuitive eating, particularly goals around the "honeymoon phase"

  • How to balance choosing foods you enjoy with the possibility of later discomfort

  • How to distinguish between hunger and anxiety/stress

  • My experience working with a therapist, and what to expect in therapy, with reference to:

  • A quick way to remind yourself to have self-compassion

  • Whether or not to buy new clothes if you think your weight might change

  • Whether to track your eating

  • How to navigate feelings of shame around journaling

  • How to deal with guilt about breakfast choices

  • Whether EFT/tapping can be helpful with intuitive eating, with reference to:

  • How to handle when the diet mentality pops up unexpectedly, and whether it will ever completely go away