Monthly Q&A #8, January 2017

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Topics Discussed

  • How to let go of the fear of weight gain
  • What is PCOS?
  • How long the honeymoon phase can be expected to last
  • Whether caffeine interferes with recognizing your hunger
  • Is there an intuitive eating app to track hunger? With reference to:
  • How to help a friend who's resistant to I.E. principles
  • How to help kids with intuitive eating, with reference to Ellyn Satter's books and division of responsibility in feeding and eating
  • How to trust yourself and your body when you've suffered abuse and trauma, with reference to:
  • Getting a knee replacement, with reference to the Health at Every Size providers directory (check the boxes for "physician" and "physical therapist," and enter your region to search)
  • Are there any "diet rules" that actually are considered healthy?
  • How to stop obsessive body-checking, with reference to:
  • How to fight the shame you feel when eating to the point of fullness
  • How to deal with starting to think about your next meal 2-3 hours after lunch
  • How to get over the feeling that you're eating "too much"
  • How permission to eat is related to permission in other areas of life
  • How to eat intuitively with food sensitivities
  • How to deal with knowing exactly what you want to eat but having to wait
  • Whether or not to carry around a "food bag" at all times
  • How long it takes to stop doubting your food choices