Monthly Q&A #7, December 2016

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Topics Discussed

  • Emotional eating vs. honoring hunger
  • Teaching the concept of gentle nutrition to clients
  • How to incorporate self-compassion when under a lot of stress at work, with reference to this breathing gif
  • What happens if you feel sick or bad when eating "off-limits" foods
  • What to do if you feel like you "shouldn't" be getting hungry so soon after a meal, or you "should" wait until later to eat, with reference to Ellyn Satter's definition of normal eating
  • How to figure out what you actually WANT to eat 
  • How to deal with the memory of the positive attention you got for weight loss, with reference to:
  • How to take time to eat within a stressful day
  • How to deal with being denied treatment in a healthcare facility due to your weight
  • How to break self-compassion down into smaller steps, with reference to the self-compassion break meditation from Module 1
  • How to discover new passions and hobbies with the new mental space you gain from not dieting
  • Whether self-compassion is critical to becoming a lifelong intuitive eater, with reference to Kristin Neff's website
  • Ways of handling the diet mentality other than journaling and noticing thoughts
  • How to have awareness of fullness while at the table
  • What to tell yourself when feeling anxious before/during/after meals