Monthly Q&A #4, September 2016

Topics Discussed

  • How to work through the idea that "I would feel better if I lost weight" (with reference to the plus-size athletes Regan Chastain, Anna Guest-Jelley, Jessamyn Stanley and Dana Falsetti)

  • How to move forward in the course even if you're gaining weight

  • Whether "sugar addiction" is really a thing, and how intuitive eating helps reduce addiction-like feelings around food

  • Why you don't need to "detox" from sugar, dairy, wheat, etc. before beginning intuitive eating (with reference to my articles about why detoxes are unnecessary and unhealthy, and why it's normal to have carbohydrate cravings when you begin eating more intuitively)

  • How to figure out what to eat while learning to eat intuitively, and how to avoid making "healthy" foods the new "off-limits" foods

  • How to do the journal exercises every day without actually having to sit down and journal every day

  • How long it takes to feel that the diet mentality is totally gone

  • How to stop approaching this course in a perfectionistic way, and how to let go of any exercises that don't work for you

  • How to handle overeating the previously "forbidden" foods (e.g. chocolate) and move to a place where you actually want to stop before you feel unpleasantly full

  • How to overcome the reluctance to speak to yourself compassionately in your low moments

  • How to deal with GI distress such as bloating, gas, abdominal distention, etc. while learning to eat intuitively

  • How to deal with physical discomfort from certain foods, without labeling them as "bad foods"