Monthly Q&A #36, May 2019

This episode answers questions submitted between March 24 and April 23, 2019.

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Topics Discussed: 

1. Module 13: How to deal with vitamins and supplements, with reference to:

2. Module 2: How long does it take to stop bingeing once you’ve stopped dieting? With reference to:

3. Module 9: How to deal with cravings

4. Module 2: How to deal with Celiac disease and food allergies, with reference to:

5. Module 1: Are periods of intense hunger normal?

6. Module 4: How to discuss HAES and IE with someone steeped in diet culture, with reference to:

7. Module 4: Is it okay to spend a long time in “donutland”?

8. Module 8: How to behave around a dieting coworker

9. Module 8: What to do when obsessing about food and preventing ED behaviors, with reference to:

10. Module 1: How to handle weight gain while working on body acceptance

11. Module 3: What to do about bingeing behaviors

12. Module 8: Is it okay to eat mostly snacks instead of full plated meals?

13. [Potentially triggering question] Module 3: How to deal with the fear of weight gain and self-harm behaviors, with reference to:

14. [Potentially triggering question] Module 1: How to deal with negative/fearful thoughts about sugar

15. [Potentially triggering question] Module 6: Is it okay to wait before satisfying an urge to eat to see if it goes away? Also, how should alcohol restriction be addressed? With reference to:

16. [Potentially triggering question] Module 4: How to deal with GERD and suggested food restriction

17. [Potentially triggering question] Module 1: How does the body react when your weight exceeds your set-point range?

18. [Potentially triggering question] Module 4: How long does the honeymoon phase with “off-limit foods” usually last?

19. [Potentially triggering question] Module 2: Are there certain foods that are good for brain health? What about an anti-inflammatory diet?

20. [Potentially triggering question] Module 1: How to address low self-esteem, mobility issues, and scars from stigma as a higher weight person, with reference to:

21. [Potentially triggering question] Module 6: Do people in larger bodies need to eat more?