Monthly Q&A #35, April 2019

This episode answers questions submitted between February 24 and March 23, 2019.

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Topics Discussed: 

1. Module 3: How to talk to a friend who’s had gastric bypass and is now bingeing

2. Module 4: How to stop trying to “covertly” diet

3. Module 1: How to overcome orthorexic fears about sugar and soy, with reference to:

  • Research showing the health benefits of intuitive eating (CW: nutritional minutiae and fatphobic language in some studies)

4. Module 1: Does food play a role in acne control? 

5. Module 4: What if you prefer the taste of artificial sweeteners?

6. Module 1: What’s the evidence behind the idea that birth-control pills might not be as effective for higher-weight people? With reference to this study (CW: weight-stigmatizing language)

7. Module 12: How do organic / non-GMO foods factor into intuitive eating? 

8. Module 2: Ways to manage blood pressure without dieting, with reference to: 

9. Module 1: HAES resources for children, and how to deal with an orthorexic coworker, with reference to:

10. Module 3: How to deal with SIBO (small intestinal bacterial overgrowth), with reference to: 

11. Module 9: Is it normal to be struggling with eating-disorder urges when your mental health is otherwise in a good place? With reference to: 

12. Module 5: Where the “more than 95% of diets fail” statistic comes from, with reference to: 

13. [Potentially triggering question] Module 2: Is there any evidence behind the keto or intermittent fasting diets? With reference to: 

14. [Potentially triggering question] Module 6: How to deal with proponents of intermittent fasting

15. [Potentially triggering question] Module 2: How to deal with fears of food contamination, with reference to: 

16. [Potentially triggering question] Module 2: How to deal with a partner’s fatphobic and food-policing comments, with reference to: