Monthly Q&A #34, March 2019

Topics Discussed: 

1. Module 2: How to start believing that larger bodies are truly just as worthy as smaller bodies

2. Module 13: How to stop being afraid of what you eat after an episode of diverticulitis, with reference to this study

3. Module 3: Whether salivation can be a sign of hunger

4. Module 2: How to deal with eating to the point of discomfort on foods previously deemed “bad”

5. Module 4: How to handle difficulty stopping at the point of physical fullness

6. Module 1: How to deal with people in your life who demonize certain foods

7. Module 1: How to promote awareness of fat acceptance among people who don’t “get it”

8. Module 9: How to let your 3-year-old kid eat intuitively, with reference to Ellyn Satter’s Division of Responsibility for infants through adolescents

9. Module 9: Whether fructose malabsorption is really a thing

10. Module 9: Whether to try eliminating foods for a 15-month-old with a bloated tummy, with reference to Episode 175 of Food Psych

11. Module 1: How to reduce body checking and comparison

12. Module 2: How to stop mentally calculating calories, portion sizes, points, etc.

13. Module 2: Whether "working out to build muscle” is a diet-culture motivation

14. Module 5: How to deal with Type 1 diabetes while pregnant and the food-shaming that goes along with that

15. Module 3: How to start exploring the research that shows intuitive eating leads to the best health outcomes

16. [Module N/A] How to handle it when you find yourself consistently snacking throughout the day instead of eating meals, with reference to: