Monthly Q&A #33, February 2019

Topics Discussed: 

1. Module 7: Whether having smaller meals throughout the day leading up to a special dinner is restriction

2. Module 7: How to deal with a friend talking incessantly about their medical food restrictions

3. Module 7: What book to recommend to a loved one to introduce them to intuitive eating

4. Module 7: How to deal with difficulties internalizing body positivity

5. Module 7: How to handle the sadness of not having known about intuitive eating and Health At Every Size sooner

6. Module 7: How to deal with a freakout induced by New Year’s diet BS

7. Module 3: How to deal with guilt about eating for “psychological reasons” instead of “biological reasons”

8. Module 2: Whether to go without caffeine in order to reconnect with hunger signals

9. Module 3 (Trigger warning for details about a restrictive diet): Whether you really need to restrict certain foods to heal PCOS symptoms, with reference to: