Monthly Q&A #31, December 2018

Topics Discussed: 

1. Module 2: How to tell the difference between genuine digestive reactions to food and diet-culture beliefs about food, with reference to:

2. Module 5: Whether all exercise/movement is just meant to be a bit of a chore

3. Module 5: How to learn more about Health At Every Size (HAES) and break down diet-culture beliefs about weight loss, with reference to:

4. Module 3: How to deal with being constantly bombarded by research in the cancer field showing that people in larger bodies are at higher risk of cancer

5. Module 2: How to push back on fearmongering about sugar and infertility, and how to heal hypothalamic amenorrhea (HA), with reference to:

6. How to handle eating while in a depressive episode, with reference to:

7. What the phrase “fat rights are human rights” really means

8. What to do with the course when you’ve temporarily fallen back into disordered behaviors

9. Whether you need to always force yourself to eat formerly “off-limits” foods just to prove yourself to the fat-activist movement

10. How to take a break from worrying about hunger, fullness, and satisfaction, with reference to:

11. Whether a particular book is actually a diet book (trigger warning for a potentially triggering book title)