Monthly Q&A #30, November 2018

Topics Discussed: 

1. Module 1: How to start allowing yourself to have more flexibility in eating foods outside of your comfort zone, with reference to: 

2. Module 1: Whether you can do joyful movement early in the intuitive eating process, with reference to: 

3. Module 10: How to build strength and stamina through joyful movement for folks who don’t have an existing movement practice, with reference to: 

4. Module 8: What to do if you’re struggling with the fullness module

5. Module 13: How to stay in the intuitive eating mindset while living in diet culture

6. Module 5: How to handle feeling afraid to move forward in the course, particularly with Module 6 

7. Module 8: How to handle the rage you feel toward people who say triggering, diet-y things

8. Module 1: How to deal with concerns about weight in intuitive eating, with reference to: 

9. Module 4: How to deal with the temptation to “cleanse” after holidays with a lot of eating

10. Module 6: How to implement intuitive eating and self-compassion on your period

11. Module 4: What to do when you feel like every mention of “health” is actually a form of diet culture, with reference to: 

12. Module 4: A question about sugar (Trigger warning [TW]), with reference to: 

13. Module 5: A question about meal timing (TW)

14. Module 6: A question about cholesterol (TW)

15. Module 13: Another question about cholesterol (TW), with reference to: 

16. Module 8: A question about a particular diet pill (TW), with reference to: