Monthly Q&A #3, August 2016

Topics Discussed

  • How to have self-compassion even on bad days

  • Whether to exercise at the beginning of the intuitive eating journey

  • How long it might take to start "hearing" your body's cues

  • Whether to read complementary chapters of the Intuitive Eating book

  • How to push back against feelings of failure when old clothes don't fit

  • How to explain to others why foods they consider "bad" are now in the pantry

  • How to handle medical doctors telling you to lose weight (and check out Food Psych episode #58 with Regan Chastain for more)

  • How to begin to limit body checking

  • Other tools for cultivating the inner caretaker

  • How to deal with other people's judgmental attitudes

  • Whether we can have a private Facebook group for the course (please vote below!)

  • Whether to honor the feelings of hunger that come from being tired

  • How to deal with the desire to finish a favorite food even after you feel full

  • The documentary Food Inc. and how to reconcile intuitive eating with concern for environmental issues

Update 9/29/16: This episode mentions a poll about an optional Facebook group, but the poll is now closed because the people have spoken and y'all want a group! Here's the link to join