Monthly Q&A #29, October 2018

Topics Discussed: 

1. How and whether to make peace with substances like alcohol and caffeine

2. Whether it’s okay not to fight back against fatphobia when you’re exhausted

3. Whether there’s a “reasonable" amount of money to be spending on food

4. How to give yourself permission to buy new clothes

5. How to deal with the trigger of clothes feeling tight 

6. How to handle compulsive meal planning

7. The connection between disordered eating and trauma

Trigger warning section: I got an unusually high number of potentially triggering questions this time, so I’m grouping them together in a section of their own at the end of the podcast. Here are the topics of the questions, so that you can decide whether to skip them or not (also TW for all of the studies linked):

8. Elimination diets and a particular food group bothering someone’s stomach, with reference to: 

9. Talk of a specific diet that demonizes carbs 

10. Another one about elimination diets and orthorexic thinking, with reference to:

11. A specific triggering comment about eating that someone got from a teacher when they were young

12. Question about a specific diet pill, with reference to: 

13. Discussion of diabetes and weight loss, with reference to: 

14. Discussion of body size differences between the city and a rural area, with reference to: 

15. Discussion of fat cells and hunger, with reference to: