Monthly Q&A #28, September 2018

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Topics Discussed: 

  • The link, if any, between diabetes and carb consumption, with reference to:

  • How to navigate intuitive eating when you have legit reasons for avoiding certain foods

  • Whether to fully let go of goals in terms of fitness and eating while doing IE

  • How to stop feeling so defensive about your weight/size

  • How to deal with not having clear hunger signals

  • How to actually put unconditional permission to eat into practice

  • How to deal with weight gain and not “feeling slim” anymore

  • Whether IE leads to weight stability

  • What if you don’t have access to what you really want to eat in a given moment?

  • The intersection between alcohol and the “off-limits” food list

  • Whether you’re ready to get back into gentle movement

  • How to deal with GI distress

  • What to pack for lunch that’s not diet-y

  • How to deal with mourning the loss of the “after I lose weight” narrative, with reference to:

  • How to deal with a triggering clothing situation that led to counting calories, with reference to:

  • Why you don’t need a “detox” to heal your body from the damage done by disordered eating

  • How to integrate “off-limits” foods that are more categories than individual foods

  • Whether intuitive eaters really only need “a few bites” of “fun” foods to be satisfied

  • How to deal with a fatphobic husband, with reference to:

  • How to navigate feelings of overeating

  • How to handle a spouse making jokes about your eating habits, with reference to:

  • Whether intuitive eaters end up being “done” with sweets