Monthly Q&A #27, August 2018

Topics Discussed: 

  • How to deal with summertime food fears

  • How to move from having a weigh-neutral stance to having an overall “looks-neutral” stance

  • How to handle fears of not fitting into your wedding dress

  • How to stop beating yourself up when you eat to a point of uncomfortable fullness

  • What to do if you have an aversion to movement because of diet-culture messaging

  • How to handle fears of weight gain with intuitive eating

  • A HAES approach to dealing with medical issues including hypertension, chronic migraines, and PCOS, with reference to:

  • Whether some specific fitness people are part of diet culture, or whether their ideas are compatible with intuitive eating

  • How to deal with continuing to eat past fullness

  • How to find a therapist who will help rather than harm your relationship with food, with reference to:

  • How to address the idea that you previously felt great when you lost weight

  • If being a weight-loss “unicorn” is a genetic thing, and your sibling is a unicorn, does that mean you can, too? With reference to Food Psych #49 with Glenys Oyston

  • Suggestions for easing into doing yoga, with reference to Dana Falsetti’s new online yoga studio

  • How to handle the desire to “sneak" food

  • How to deal with weight-loss recommendations for PCOS, also with reference to: