Monthly Q&A #24, May 2018

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Topics Discussed

  • How to set goals for this course
  • How to deal with a family member’s “successful” dieting
  • How to handle an extended honeymoon phase
  • How to stop judging yourself for how often you get hungry
  • How to deal with thoughts that try to talk you out of eating what you want
  • How to push back against thoughts that eliminating certain foods will help you be healthier
  • How to stop measuring foods and adhering to a strict meal plan
  • How to avoid slipping into diet mentality when you feel your health is declining
  • Whether cutting out gluten and dairy is necessary for thyroid conditions, with reference to this study
  • What if someone WANTS to lose weight and doesn't feel they are in their set weight range?
  • Whether the physical pain and discomfort you get from overeating could be a way of avoiding dealing with  emotional pain
  • How to close the door on a particular UK-based weight-loss company for good (content warning [CW] in this question for the name of the program)
  • How to handle a tricky relationship with wine
  • Whether the Ellyn Satter approach could work for an adult trying to heal a traumatic relationship with food
  • How to approach indecision that makes you not eat enough
  • Why I talk about the diet industry but not the processed-food industry, with reference to these two studies on intuitive eating (CW: weight-stigmatizing terminology) and weight stigma (CW: weight-stigmatizing terminology)
  • What to do if you feel like you’re stuck on the bingeing side of The Restriction Pendulum
  • How to stay motivated and in "the zone" of wanting to work on your intuitive eating journey
  • Whether mental “food chatter” will ever go away
  • Why there’s no need to restrict certain foods for cancer recovery
  • How to advocate for oneself at the doctor’s office when in a larger body, with reference to Ragen Chastain’s guide
  • How to make Sunday suppers with dieting family members more enjoyable
  • Whether anxiety around eating a particular “off-limits” food can make it less enjoyable
  • How to deal with the realization that coffee and tea drinking are interfering with eating-related cues