Monthly Q&A #21, February 2018

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Topics Discussed

  • How to help kids in your life navigate diet culture
  • Whether liposuction and other cosmetic procedures are compatible with intuitive eating
  • How to deal with acid reflux in an intuitive way
  • How to prepare more of your food when you hate cooking, and the role of frozen and prepared meals
  • Turning to food for comfort when feeling overwhelmed and bored 
  • How to know if it's really hunger or just your mind "playing tricks on you"
  • How to start incorporating self-care practices as a caretaker of a family
  • How to develop a healthy relationship with "healthy" foods
  • How to start to listen to your body and limit comparison with others
  • Opportunities to find more support
  • How to recover from lapses back into dieting
  • How to focus on healing your relationship with food without constantly *thinking* about food
  • How to truly put weight loss on the back burner and not judge weight gain
  • Whether weight loss is necessary to conceive and have a safe pregnancy
  • How to handle anger toward friends who seem to be listening to the food police
  • How to choose foods that don't aggravate chronic disease conditions without spiraling back into a restrictive mindset
  • How to navigate this course if you're in the process of recovering from an eating disorder
  • How to find out whether a medication is causing bingeing (as opposed to restriction), and how to be intuitive about your eating even when a medication causes increased appetite
  • How to explain to diet-centric friends and family that you're no longer interested in talking about conventional ideas about health and nutrition
  • How to ease back into exercise without becoming rigid about it
  • How to work through the "clean-plate club" mentality
  • How to incorporate intuitive eating concepts with young kids
  • The difference between physical and emotional deprivation
  • How to reassure yourself that weight gain in intuitive eating is normal and OK, and how to let go of fear around food after having a cancer scare
  • Why satisfaction in food can vary so much from day to day, and why foods sometimes lose their satisfaction power if eaten frequently