Monthly Q&A #20, January 2018


  • How to know when you're ready to stop eating

  • How to deal with a rule about waiting a certain amount of time after eating to know if you're full

  • How to reframe the idea of "empty calories"

  • How to handle bad body image because of jeans being tighter

  • How to deal with self-critical comments when looking in the mirror

  • How to savor your food when your life is so chaotic you barely have a moment to yourself

  • Whether it'll ever be possible not to feel panicked at the slightest sign of hunger

  • How to handle it when you've gone too long without eating and it triggers a binge

  • How to deal with feeling like you're consistently overeating foods you enjoy

  • Whether you'll ever get to a point where you don't have to journal out your thoughts before sharing them

  • How to get rid of persistent internalized fatphobia

  • How long it will take before your body will guide you toward nutritious foods

  • How to reduce comparisons to others and the internalized thin ideal