Monthly Q&A #19, December 2017

Topics Discussed

  • How to rebut a family member's arguments in favor of the Paleo diet

  • Why binges are sometimes more likely to happen AFTER you're already full

  • How to know how long the "honeymoon phase" will last

  • Whether it's normal to eat for boredom or just because you feel like eating

  • How to continue to make progress with intuitive eating when around family for the holidays

  • How to navigate adding in fun foods when you're not hungry, and how to handle emotional eating

  • Whether to use the 10-point hunger scale from Module 3

  • Whether we can have a thread in the Facebook group for people to share art/writing/music/etc. they've created in response to the course

  • How to deal with a diagnosis of eosinophilic esophagitis

  • How to reconcile hunger and fullness with wanting to eat dessert after a meal

  • How to handle people asking if you're pregnant when you're not

  • How to handle not just the food police but the "foodie police"

  • Whether the question in Module 6 about how different foods contribute to fullness would should be moved to the module on gentle nutrition

  • How to know if you're making progress with intuitive eating

  • How to set a boundary with a dieting mother

  • Practical tips for strengthening your inner caretaker