Monthly Q&A #18, November 2017

Topics Discussed

  • How to let go of jealousy of those who are actively dieting and losing weight

  • Issues rating fullness and satisfaction

  • What "off-limits foods" really means

  • Whether to use a spontaneous sigh during a meal as a sign of fullness

  • How to tell the difference between the food police and self-care

  • Whether "sugar addiction" is really a thing

  • How to deal with eating too fast

  • How to handle always needing to eat everything on your plate

  • How to plan and shop for all the foods you might want to eat, and avoid spending too much

  • How to let go of the idea that if you do IE "perfectly" you'll lose weight

  • How to separate the feeling of fullness from the feeling of guilt

  • What to do when your friends talk constantly about dieting

  • How to handle a doctor telling you to limit carbs

  • How to argue for IE against Paleo people

  • Issues with taking a pill for binge eating

  • Whether a certain book can help you stop bingeing

  • How to treat each food like its own experience when you feel you need to "make up for" previous eating