Monthly Q&A #17, October 2017

Topics Discussed

  • What is weight set-point and how does your body know its set point

  • How to deal with the logistics around food with less stress

  • How to handle food rules you didn't know you had

  • Whether the diet thoughts ever go away, and advice to limit them

  • How to handle rapid weight gain

  • How to handle the thought that you're not eating intuitively if you're not eating every morsel mindfully

  • How dieting slows down your metabolism, and what that really means

  • How to come to peace with the idea that your body size is meant to stay as it is

  • How to know if you're eating enough and whether fatigue is coming from undereating vs. working a graveyard shift

  • How to handle eating at events like weddings, birthdays, etc. without bingeing

  • How to eat "play foods" or fun foods with people without feeling shame and guilt

  • How to react to the diet mentality as it arises in conversation with loved ones

  • Whether "honoring your hunger" really means eating at the very first sign of biological hunger

  • Whether not being able to find anything that you *want* to eat is common after the initial honeymoon phase or "rebellion" stage

  • How to reframe the second journal exercise in Module 2 to trigger less anxiety

  • How to tell if you're listening to your body vs. your brain

  • How to deal with anxiety and preemptive bingeing before a social situation