Monthly Q&A #16, September 2017

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Topics Discussed

  • How to make it through the initial weight gain period in this journey

  • How to make intuitive eating work for you and regain your health

  • Whether it's possible to be vegan with intuitive eating, with reference to this Refinery29 article (TW: does include some discussion of gentle nutrition, so if you're at a place where even the most low-key talk of nutrition might throw you, you might want to skip this one)

  • Whether it's normal to continue eating for a bit even when you feel full

  • How to have self-compassion and ditch the diet mentality in the face of a triggering family member

  • Whether the scale has any place in intuitive eating

  • How to become more accepting of larger bodies, with reference to these past Food Psych guests:

  • How to handle when people comment on your weight when they intend it as a compliment

  • How to not succumb to the pressure to diet leading up to a big event

  • How to deal with people who make comments that you've "given up," with reference to this study

  • How to break away from a restrictive dieting community and the idea of "food addiction," with reference to this Food Psych episode

  • Whether you'll always pick foods based on the diet mentality

  • Whether it's a universal truth that hunger shows up as a feeling in the abdomen after a certain amount of time

  • Whether you'll always hear from the food police

  • How you'll know what the feelings of fullness are

  • How to talk to someone who's trying to sell you diet products

  • How to handle people talking about diets and losing weight

  • How to handle a diagnosis of chronic Lyme disease and mold toxicity, with reference to these peer-reviewed studies and CDC reports:

  • How to deal with judgments from others about your food

  • Whether you're ONLY allowed to have previously "off-limits" foods when hungry

  • Whether to start over with the course if you're on Module 5 and still in the honeymoon phase

  • Whether there are techniques to avoid emotional eating, with reference to this Food Psych episode