Monthly Q&A #15, August 2017

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Topics Discussed

  • How to deal with the fear that comes from letting go of food restrictions
  • How to get past reading food labels
  • How to handle feeling compelled to eat sweets and feeling like you're "breaking a rule" when you do
  • How to handle when people start talking about dieting, body size, and other triggering topics
  • How to be OK with your body when feeling uncomfortable in your own skin, with reference to Sonya Renee Taylor's advice in Episode 113 of Food Psych
  • What to eat when you don't crave anything in particular
  • Whether hunger cues start to normalize as you get further into intuitive eating
  • How to handle when you see someone who previously complimented you on your weight loss 
  • How to handle knee and ankle pain while living in a larger body, with reference to:
  • What does it mean to "set goals" in intuitive eating, since we're not talking about weight-loss goals? 
  • How to manage the pressure to work on all different aspects of intuitive eating at once
  • Additional self-compassion exercises to try
  • How to handle the voices in your head that constantly chatter about the different foods you can eat with your newfound freedom
  • How to stop from trying to guess how many calories you ate/burned
  • How to handle when people say you need a meal plan or "boundaries" with eating in order to avoid "food addiction," with reference to Marci Evans' response in Episode 80 of Food Psych
  • Whether Ayurveda is compatible with recovery from dieting and orthorexia
  • How to find balance between "healthy" and "indulgent" foods in intuitive eating (and why those labels are problematic)
  • How to tell the difference between being hungry and being thirsty, and how to challenge diet rules about drinking water
  • How long it will take to stop the diet-mentality thoughts
  • How to handle the worry that if you give yourself "too much" self-compassion you'll end up bingeing