Monthly Q&A #14, July 2017

Topics Discussed

  • How to tune in to fullness in social situations

  • How to deal with mental cravings as opposed to physical ones

  • How to deal with thoughts that you've screwed up your health by dieting

  • How to handle being in a semi-honeymoon phase, and whether or not you really need to pay undivided attention to your food in order to fully tune in to your body's cues

  • How to choose between what will satisfy you mentally vs. what will make you feel good

  • How to tune in to fullness when food serves as a means of "cutting off"

  • How to motivate yourself to take care of hunger at moderate levels

  • How to get over the fear of letting go of negative self-talk and restrictions

  • Clarification around the exercise in Module 7 about identifying what you want

  • Tips for telling the difference between a physical vs. a mental desire, and how to navigate eating for rebellion

  • How to navigate the desire to eat constantly between meals

  • How to push back against self-critical thoughts after you've eaten a meal and you're feeling full and sluggish