Monthly Q&A #13, June 2017

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Topics Discussed

  • Whether metabolism stays permanently slowed after you diet, and how to overcome the fear of "spinning out of control" when you stop restricting
  • Whether to have a bedtime snack
  • Whether you really need to let go of the desire to lose weight
  • Why people experience resistance to structured exercise
  • How to handle going to an event where you'll see people you haven't seen since you were smaller
  • How to deal with other people bringing the food police to every meal
  • How to handle inadvertent weight loss after having made peace with weight gain
  • Whether to completely remove body talk from your social media
  • How to have self-compassion while dealing with infertility
  • Why the research on intuitive eating and Health at Every Size isn't more mainstream
  • Where fruits and vegetables fit in with intuitive eating
  • How to deal with clothing not fitting 
  • Ideas for making nutritious choices from a healed place rather than a restrictive place
  • Intentions for self-compassion
  • Why more medical professionals aren't familiar with intuitive eating
  • How to learn to trust your inner caretaker and stop viewing it as weak
  • Why a higher BMI doesn't equate to poor health, with reference to this study 
  • How to trust your body when you're hungry just a few hours after eating to the point of uncomfortable fullness 
  • Whether drinking wine with dinner inevitably leads to overeating
  • "Self-care vs. self-control" and how to tell the difference