Monthly Q&A #12, May 2017

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Topics Discussed

  • Respecting fullness rather than rebelling against it
  • How to deal with not feeling hungry
  • What it means when people say "put your hand over your heart"
  • How to practice self-care during PMS
  • Viewing dinner as a reward after a long day
  • How to set goals with intuitive eating, without falling back into diet mentality
  • Additional tips for fighting back against disordered thoughts, with reference to Module 2
  • What if honoring your needs leads you to gain a lot of weight?
  • How to respect fullness while going out to dinner
  • How to stop making rules about serving sizes and eat larger amounts
  • How to stop making food contingent on exercise  
  • More ways to remember the hunger scale
  • More ways to assess hunger and fullness, with reference to the subtle signs of hunger PDF
  • How to let go of the "ideal body" and accept your size
  • How to quiet the thoughts in our head that are influenced by friends, family, etc. who are dieting
  • How Ayurveda does or does not fit with intuitive eating
  • How to deal with a husband who is fat-shaming
  • Other simple self-compassion exercises, with reference to:
  • How to decide what you want to eat, with reference to Module 7