Monthly Q&A #11, April 2017

Topics Discussed

  • Whether it's OK to use exercise programs in conjunction with intuitive movement

  • How to distinguish between physical and emotional hunger, and why fear of emotional hunger is rooted in the diet mentality

  • Whether the course material still applies to you even if you feel like you have NO restrictions on your eating

  • Whether or not to try to quit smoking while learning intuitive eating, with reference to Allen Carr's Easy Way to Stop Smoking

  • How to navigate feelings of body shame that arise after non-hunger eating

  • How long it could take to be able to manage emotional eating

  • What to do when you feel that "I'm going to binge" feeling

  • How to be gentle with yourself if and when your body changes

  • Whether or not to move on to other modules or spend more time on ditching the diet mentality

  • How to avoid getting overwhelmed and perfectionistic at the outset of the intuitive eating journey

  • Whether to eat in response to thoughts about food rather than physical hunger cues, when those cues aren't readily evident

  • Whether self-compassion ever becomes the norm

  • Book recommendations for anxiety, with reference to:

  • How body respect differs from self-compassion

  • Whether it's normal to stay in the first few modules for a while

  • How to overcome the fear that you'll just eat cookies forever, with reference to Module 4

  • More examples of self-compassion in practice

  • How to square the anti-diet approach with research that shows people's eating patterns affect their health