Gentle Nutrition

Now for the moment you’ve all been waiting for (haha): we’re going to talk about how to integrate nutrition into intuitive eating.

As always, I recommend completing this module over the course of a week, taking some time to review the material and do the journal exercises.

Start by listening to the audio content below, and then scroll down for the workbook including this week's notes and journal exercises. 


Audio: Principles of Gentle Nutrition


Module 11 Workbook

If at any point you start to relate to this information in a way that feels diet-y, go back to the previous modules and work on ditching the diet mentality and challenging the food police.


Further reading

  • My Refinery29 article, 7 New Nutrition Tips, about a few general nutrition guidelines that might be worth incorporating into your intuitive eating routine. (If you find this stirring up any of the old rule-based thinking, remind yourself that these are optional guidelines, not rules. I refused to let them put "rules" in the headline for that reason, even though the word "rules" is always major clickbait!)    
  • Another of my Refinery29 articles, Why Detox Diets and Cleanses Always Fail, which explains why you never need to go on one of these unhealthy and ineffective diets. 
  • And in case you missed them in earlier modules, read my Refinery29 articles about why you don’t need to fear “processed” foods and what the "clean eating" movement gets wrong


Further Viewing: Food Is Energy

Here's a fun little clip from one of my favorite comedies, Parks and Recreation, illustrating a key concept from this module.

Boom, that's spaghetti.


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