Welcome to Intuitive Eating Fundamentals

I’m so happy you’ve joined the course, and can’t wait to support you in breaking free from diet culture and making peace with food!


Course Overview

Each module contains a fundamental principle or skill you'll need to become an intuitive eater. The modules build on each other, so make sure to do them in order to get the most out of the course (but also feel free to jump back to previous modules once you've completed them).

The modules are designed to be completed in a week or more (and they’re released on a timer so that you won’t speed through them!), but feel free to go slower and take as much time as you need to let the material sink in. Links for the first 2 modules are at the bottom of this page, and in the navigation menu above. The remaining modules will be released one per week at the end of the first 2 weeks.

I'll also be sending out emails each week to remind you about new modules as they become available.

Each module contains an audio talk and a downloadable PDF workbook with journal activities, infographics, and a full transcript of the talk. You can download the workbook for each module and complete all the activities as you go (be sure to save them to your computer!), or print out the workbooks if you prefer a hard copy. 

If you have any technical difficulties with the course, please email my administrative manager Julianne at admin@christyharrison.com and she'll help you out!



  • Introduction (You Are Here)

  • All Modules

  • Monthly Q&A Podcast Library (start with most recent episode and work backwards)

  • Community Forum, for discussion and connection with your fellow participants (see “Accessing the Community Forum” section below for technical specs and troubleshooting)

  • Module 1: Self-Compassion

  • Module 2: Ditch the Diet Mentality

  • Module 3: Honor Your Hunger (available in 2 weeks)

  • Module 4: Make Peace with Food (available in 3 weeks)

  • Module 5: Challenge the Food Police (available in 4 weeks)

  • Module 6: Feel Your Fullness (available in 5 weeks)

  • Module 7: Pleasure and Satisfaction (available in 6 weeks)

  • Module 8: Navigate Emotional Eating (available in 7 weeks)

  • Module 9: Respect Your Body (available in 8 weeks)

  • Module 10: Joyful Movement (available in 9 weeks)

  • Module 11: Gentle Nutrition (available in 10 weeks)

  • Module 12: Review and Troubleshooting (available in 11 weeks)

  • Module 13: Life Beyond Dieting (available in 12 weeks)

  • For Dietitians: CPE Credits


Accessing the Community Forum

You should have access to our community forum immediately upon registering for this course, but sometimes technical issues with your browser can cause problems accessing the forum. If you’re experiencing issues, please follow the technical guidelines below:

  1. Use the Chrome or Firefox browser for best results. It should be possible to use the forum on Safari, and many users have had success with it, but others have had trouble. This may stem from Safari’s ad-blocking tools, discussed in #2 below.

  2. Disable any ad-blocking or tracker-blocking tools you may have on your browser. (You can always turn them back on when you’re done.) The forum uses cookies to keep you logged in, and some ad/tracker-blocking tools can interfere with that process.

    • In Safari desktop, go to Safari / Preferences / Privacy, and then UNCHECK the boxes next to Website Tracking and Cookies and Website Data.

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  3. If you use a Virtual Private Network (VPN), you may need to turn it off while using the forum. Trying to view forum pages through a VPN can result in an error message such as “too many login attempts.” Depending on your VPN, you may just need to turn it off for the initial login, or you may need to keep it off for your whole forum session.

  4. After taking these steps, log out of your Intuitive Eating Fundamentals account, clear your browser cache, and quit and relaunch your browser.

  5. Finally, return to this page and log back into your Intuitive Eating Fundamentals account. You should now have access to the forum!

If you continue to have problems accessing the forum after going through the above steps, please email admin@christyharrison.com and someone on my team will help you out asap!