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Our 18-episode bonus series, Ask Food Psych

In this exclusive series, which ran from 2015-2016 for our monthly contributors, I answered listener questions about topics discussed on the podcast, including intuitive eating, body positivity, eating disorder recovery, and lots more. Check out a few of the topics that these episodes cover:  

  • The line between "controlling" your diet in a "healthy" way (if that's even possible) and disordered eating
  • How to handle a "bad body image day"
  • How to embark upon intuitive eating with diabetes
  • How to handle feelings of fullness in eating disorder recovery
  • How to get started with intuitive eating after a lifetime of dieting
  • How to achieve FULL recovery from eating disorders
  • ...And lots more!


Season 1 of Food Psych (2013-2014)

Our first season is now available exclusively as Premium content. Here are just a few of the 28 episodes you'll be able to hear in the Premium community (and nowhere else): 

  • Our very first episode, in which I introduced the podcast and talked with two guests about how their careers in the acting and modeling industries influenced their relationships with food
  • Episode 6, in which I interviewed none other than Marc Maron, the godfather of podcasting, about how his mother's anorexia influenced his relationship with food
  • Episode 9, in which comedian Erick Hellwig told one of the funniest and most poignant food stories to date on the podcast 
  • Episode 13, in which I spoke publicly about my eating disorder history for the first time
  • ...And so much more! You'll get 28 episodes to devour—and again, they're only available to Premium members.


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