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Food Psych #20: Bacon-Wrapped Dating

Leiti Hsu food word of mouth podcast wine

In today's episode, Christy talks with fellow food podcaster Leiti Hsu about the role food plays in their dating lives, why men should act like quinoa, when not to compromise, and lots more!

Leiti connects chefs, sommeliers, and other culinary movers, shakers, and makers. She hosts the weekly show WORD OF MOUTH with Leiti Hsu on Heritage Radio Network and is simmering several TV concepts. She thinks a lot about stuff like what's next for the wine industry (consumption, content, commerce) and millennials x innovation. Clients and partners have included Twitter, Cover, Thrillist, Fab, Plated, David Rosengarten, Wellness in the Schools, Whole Foods Market, and Wines from Santorini.

As Employee #10, Leiti helped scale Lot18 (wine online shopping) to $25MM revenue, a headcount of 100+, and a $50MM raise in 2011. She got delicious beginnings on the GOURMET magazine web editorial team. Find her on Twitter @leitihsu.